WELCOME to Winexpert Cornwall – your authorized Winexpert dealer.

20+ Years Experience

Marc Simard has owned several successful businesses over the last 30 years and is the proud own and operator of Winexpert Cornwall. To mark the store’s 20th anniversary in 2018, several renovations and improvements have been made with continual upgrades in progress to make your winemaking experience worth sharing with your family and friends.

Marc Simard owner of Winexpert Cornwall
Welcome to Winexpert Cornwall!

Renovations to celebrate the store’s 20th anniversary

A peek into our store
and just a few happy customers

Join the fun!

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On-Premise Makes Enjoying Wine & Saving even easier!

With our on-premise winemaking, we take care of the winemaking process while you SAVE & ENJOY great wines! It’s quick and easy:

1) Start your wine by adding (“Pitching”) the yeast in-store

2) Once your wine is ready, return to bottle at our state-of-the-art winemaking station – take home and enjoy!

The steps in-between (temperature monitoring, filtration, etc. ) are all handled by us! Learn more about our on-premise winemaking here or simply pop-in and get started today!

Backed by Winexpert

“Love your wine. Guaranteed.” is the slogan that we stand behind and we mean it. Winexpert is the world’s foremost supplier of premium wine kits. If after trying 2 or 3 bottles of your wine you are not 100% satisfied or if the taste simply doesn’t please your palate, bring back the bottles (27-28) and we will gladly replace your wine with another kit of equal or lesser value. While customers will always have their favorite wines, Marc hopes this guarantee encourages them to be a little more eclectic and to experiment with different varietals and blends of wines.

Winexpert Cornwall is an Authorized Retailer of Winexpert products and backed by their guarantee.

What it means to be backed by Winexpert

The Winexpert Story:
Winexpert’s commitment to excellence, and dedication to delivering the highest quality products in the winemaking market, has made us the world’s foremost supplier of premium wine kits. Our careful sourcing of supply, combined with state-of-the-art processing facilities and stringent quality control procedures continue to set the industry standard.

Winexpert sources grapes from around the worldOur dedication to product excellence began over 20 years ago when we created the first modern wine kit. It continues today as we source high quality grape juice and concentrate from the world’s best wine regions. We strive for quality at every level in our operation, seeking to bring the finest these wine regions have to offer right to our customers’ glass.

Great wine is not made in a factory; it is made in the vineyard, where sunshine, good soil and careful tending make great grapes. We regularly visit with our growers and suppliers, and have stringent quality specifications and standards to ensure that we get the best possible varietals. We are offered many different grape juices and concentrates every year, but we make certain we select only the best available for our kits.

Immediate on-site grape sorting, crushing and pressing, combined with state-of-the-art processing techniques, as well as non-stop shipping systems, combine to ensure that we get the highest levels of flavour and aroma from our grape juices and concentrates. Our commitment to quality doesn’t end there. In our environmentally controlled cellars, our highly trained Quality Assurance Team monitors all our juices and concentrates continuously to ensure that they stay in top condition. With years of experience, our winemakers and Quality Assurance Team follow proven Quality Assurance protocols, to ensure our high standards for consistently producing wine kits of the highest quality are met – every harvest and every year.

Winexpert operates like a “functional winery” – combining the traditional art of blending for consistency balanced with leading process technology to make the best winemaking products in the industry. This ensures that our wines are delicious and well-balanced, and it explains why wines made with Winexpert kits consistently win the most awards and medals in the North America’s largest amateur winemaking competitions. In fact, they win medals even when competing with wines made from fresh grapes.

At Winexpert, we are always striving for improvement, consistency and quality. Winexpert’s commitment to superiority doesn’t end at the kit. We also provide our Winexpert Authorized Retailers (including Winexpert Cornwall) with extensive training through our exclusive Winemaking Excellence Programs. From time to time we also support our retailers in hosting evening wine education events. These are fun educational evenings that provide you with further knowledge on wine, food pairings, or other topics related to the wine lifestyle.

Everyone who represents Winexpert strives to positively affect quality at every level, from the vineyard to the glass, so that you can make the best wine possible – every single time!

Love Your Wine. Guaranteed.

Let's make your next Favourite Wine

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